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CRAZEE Crank Bait 50MR

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Brand: Crazee
Model: Crank Bait 50MR
Length: 50mm
Weight: 9g
Type: Floating
Depth : 2 to 3m
Trolling : 4.5m

The Crazee Crank Bait 50MR has a high pitch wobble and roll action which is great for chasing Bass in freshwater or Bream in saltwater.

The Crazee Crankbait 50MR is a medium-running crankbait that dives to about 2.5 meters. At a length of 50mm and weighing 9 grams, it is ideal for a variety of species from fresh to salt.
In the saltwater, the Crazee Crankbait has proven effective on Cod and big Bream while in the Freshwater it's been working super well for Saratoga and Bass along the edges and in the timbers!
Because of the large bib, the Crazee Crankbait is ideal for fishing around structures such as rock bars and timbers as it can deflect off structures which highly reduces the risk of snagging. At such an affordable price the Crazee Crankbait is hard to refuse so try one out to see for yourself how effective they can be!

During the slow troll, the Crazee CrankBait 50MR has been known to swim to depths around 5 meters