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CRAZEE Metal V Long 28g

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Brand: Crazee
Model: Metal V Long 28g
Length: 100mm
Weight: 28g
Type: Sinking

The Crazee Metal V Long Vibe is designed for saltwater use.Thin metal plate body that enables the highest level of action response and slow retrieve, it has a high specific density full metal body and has the castability to aim for long-distance. Like an alarm clock that wakes all the sluggish fish into a frenzy!! This Vibration lure is slightly heavier and has a harder vibration compared to most other vibration lures. Being also slightly heavier it is the perfect lure to use when deeper or fast-moving water.


100mm long and 28g, it's perfect for Jewfish, Threadfin and Snapper as well as other inshore species from the boat or the shore.