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CRAZEE Minnow 70SF

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Brand: Crazee
Model: Minnow 70SF
Length: 70mm
Weight: 4.9g
Type: Slow Floating

The Crazee Minnow has a life-like darting action when twitched, perfectly mimicking injured baitfish. In a straight retrieve, it has a fish like tight action to produce bites.

The Crazee Minnow is a floating shallow diving lure designed to fished with short sharp twitches which creates an erratic darting action in the water thanks to it's small bib and long body design.
At 70mm and 4.9 grams, the Minnow 70SF is extremely versatile for a number of situations. 

It's enticing side to side movement combined with a subtle wobble on the pause has proven to be irresistible on both salt and fresh water species such as Flathead, Trevally, Australian Bass and Saratoga!


The Minnow 70SF is perfect for working in shallower waters such as saltwater flats and mangrove lines or above the weeds and around timbers in the freshwater.

An Extremely effective lure to target big flathead on the flats or Saratoga in the sticks.