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CRAZEE Salt Vibration 70

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Brand: Crazee
Model: Salt Vibration 70
Length: 70mm
Weight: 14g
Type: Sinking

The high-density body produces a wide range of flight distances and sinking speeds that cover various fields and conditions. It enables cast & retrieve and range control as you imagined even under adverse conditions.

The Crazee Salt Vibration is a Vibration lure also known locally as Vibes. It can be used from the boat or from the shore. This Lure comes in Various Sizes to suit different tide conditions and applications.

The Salt Vibration is ideal for fishing in the Brisbane River and Moreton Bay, targeting Jewfish, Threadfin, Snapper, and more. Its subtle vibration and a sideways darting action on the drop make this lure particularly irresistible to Jewfish and Threadfin in the river.

For land-based casting from rock walls, surf beaches, and jetties. The subtle vibration can entice shy fish to commit. This lure casts like a bullet due to its compact and aerodynamic shape, its heavier weight design allows you to reach deeper areas, into baitfish schools and where other lures cannot.

They come in a variety of colors and sizes to suit your needs so make sure you’ve got a couple in your tackle box now!

Please note: Lures comes standard with treble hooks